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0347_shiho_tsuji: 6 Hits|Aichi Prefectural University]], Aichi, Japan * Researcher, Toyota Yahagi River Institute, Aichi, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Legend of the people who came to Japan from oveaseas in... = * XuFu (徐福) * Legend * People who came to Japan from oveaseas in ancient time ===== Related webs... english/jofuku.html|The stories of Kumano - Jofuku]] {{tag>Japan Immortal folklore XuFu legend History}}
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Researcher * International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan ===== Interview topics ... literature and folktales * Various folktales in Japan, particularly ordinary tales ===== Keywords ====... p/welcome_e.htm|International Research Center for Japanese Studies]] ===== Remarks ===== He is looking... night). If you have any interest, contact us (info at zukan dot tv). {{tag>Japan Spectology folktale}}
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* Assistant Professor, Ritsmeikan University, Japan * for Sustainable Humanosophere, Kyoto University, Japan * ====... * Science communicator of a Science Museum in Japan ===== Daisuke SUZUKI ===== {{http://www.zukan.... raduate Student of Informatics, Kyoto Unitersity, Japan * Mitsui & Co. ===== Shin KUBOTA ===== {{htt
0329_naoyuki_funamizu: 3 Hits
tal Engineering, Hokkaido University]], Hokkaido, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Don't mix, don'... nium Developing Goals * Pharmaceuticals * Health risk assessment {{tag>Japan Hokkaido toilet waste}}
0341_toshimichi_fujiwara: 3 Hits
for Protein Research]], Osaka University, Osaka, Japan ===== About this interview ===== We are interest... ision of Protein Structural Biology Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics]] {{tag>Japan Osaka NMR Biology}}
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uest Professor * Hokkaido University, Hokkaido, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Casting, failur... is]] * [[|Failure analysis (2)]] {{tag>Japan Hokkaido}}
0340_shingo_yonezawa: 3 Hits
ate School of Science]], Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan ===== About this interview ===== I am now studyi... vision of Protein Structural Shingo YONEWZAWA's Home Page]] {{tag>Japan Kyoto super_conduction Physics}}
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e Humanosphere (RISH), Kyoto University]], Kyoto, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Energy-saving m... ate School of Energy and Environment, Thailand]] {{tag>Japan Kyoto microwave plasma energy environment}}
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====== Sadasuke GOMI | South pole cooking====== {{youtube>vGmU-qYBcUo?large|Sadasuke GOMI}} ===== About this person ===== * Owner Chef of Goho-an, Ise, Japan * Ex. Chief Chef of the 13rd and 21st South Pole Wintering Team ===== Interview topics ===== * How to cook in the South Pole * How to utilize the lesson learned in the South Pole in Japanese tourist dishes ===== Keywords ===== * Cooking in South Pole * Polar Research ===== Related website ===== * [[|National Institute of Polar Research]] * [[|Japanese Restaurant Goho-an (Japanese)]] {{tag>South_pole cooking Japan}}
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echanical Engineering, Chiba University]], Chiba, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * High speed mani... nd * Grasping * Manipulation * Sensor fusion * Visual feedback control {{tag>Japan Chiba robot}}
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out this person ===== * Explorer Museum, Shiga, Japan * Curator ===== Interview topics ===== * Pro... te, contact to the [[|Explorer museum]]. {{tag>Japan museum South_pole exploration}}
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gineering and Science, Kyoto University]], Kyoto, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Numerical analy... lutions have not obtained and these solutions are my target.” {{tag>Japan Kyoto Fluid Dynamics Couette}}
0342_hiroyuki_toda: 3 Hits
tute for Advanced Biosciences]], Keio University, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Current researc... rication ===== Keywords ===== * Optical fiber communication * Radio {{tag>Japan Doshisha Optics]}}
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duate School of Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan ===== Interview topics ===== * Physics model o...|Miyamoto's homepage]] {{tag>Japan Kyoto cyclone Meteorology}}
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