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 +====== Acknowledgements ====== 
 +So much help was obtained from many people in a general way. Their advice and support has been, by and large, respected. **Yukihiro Matsuda** coded, and developed the first version of our website. **Michael Huges** helped translation work into English. **Yuzo Shibata** of President of the KGC gave us an insight to develop a concept of the Zukan.TV. **Dr. Naoki Miyano** of Kyoto University gave a lot of important advices on website plan and poster design. **Yurina Nishiwaki** was former manager of Zukan.TV and supported initial stage of the project. **Sugar Sato**, **Masaki Morita** and **Masahiro Hirao** of Kyoto University helped interviewers (specially **Nipio**, the first interviewer of the project) arrange their interviews. The Zukan.TV does exist because of all the people.
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